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'Tropicana Battery Cages' The First & The Only Tropicalised Laying Battery

The need of the birds in the Tropical regions differ than that of the birds in other parts of the world considering the climatic conditions and the fact that most of the developing nations placed in this region lack consistent and quality power supply.

This is the major reason; farmers in this region usually prefer conventional stair step cages than Automatic battery cages.

Identifying this scenario and the necessity of a solution that will combine both; the convenience of conventional cages and the advantages of automation, Polaris came out with a perfect design 'Tropicana' that addresses both these issues very effectively.

Birds in Tropical region requires an extra care in the following Vital areas:-

  • Proper Ventilation (Even without EC)
  • Space per bird
  • Simultaneous Feed Access
  • Sufficient Water Availability (Considering Hot / Hot and Humid climates)

'Tropicana Battery Cages' effectively addresses these needs by way of providing....

Per Bird Spacing:

'Tropicana' offers the highest per bird spacing among any other battery cage. It allows 67.5 Sq. Inches per bird. This avoids unnecessary crowding of the birds and hence improving the ventilation and in turn overall health condition of the birds

Feeding Space per Bird:

'Tropicana' offers 4.5” of feeding space per bird and hence it is possible for all the birds in a cage to access the feed at the same time allowing uniformity in the flock.

Water Availability:

The tropical climate requires ensuring sufficient water to be made available to the birds and hence 'Tropicana' offers 1 nipple for every 3 birds.

Advantages of Tropicana' Battery Cages:-
  • Structured Design where strong components are exposed to tackle weights and delicate parts like mesh is only connected to the structure
  • Automation makes it possible to avoid feed wastage, egg breakages, efficient manure handling
  • Because of automation it breaks the barrier of height and hence more number of birds per square feet area can be accommodated
  • Hygienic condition is improved as minimal human interference.
  • Adequate per bird spacing avoids overcrowding
  • Simultaneous feeding is possible due to precise feeding space per bird improving unformity
  • Improved water availability – 3 birds per nipple
  • 'Tropicana' is equipped with individual cage bottom for every cage which is specially designed to provide extra strength. The wires that connect to the partitions are extra thick and the entire cage bottom is designed using REVERSE SUSPENSION TECHNOLOGY. This avoids the problems of sagging of the cage bottoms and helps reducing the tension on the wires that supports the weight of the birds. As the cages are equipped with individual cage bottoms, its very easy to replace the same if the need be.
  • Necessity of installing of Environment control system is evaded

Tropican Battery Cages- The New Age Automated Cages For Indian Conditions