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Multifan Panel fan

Multifan offers a wide range of panel fans which can be installed in the sidewalls of a building. Panel fans are used for agricultural applications such as ventilation in greenhouses, pork,- dairy- and poultry houses and industrial applications such as ventilation in factories or buildings. The fans are speed-controllable and engineered for continuous operation in highly corrosive environments, outdoor use and wet applications.

  • Available diameters range from 10" to 36",
  • Various voltages (120V, 230V, 230/400V)
  • Various frequencies (50 Hz, 60 Hz)
  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. for 50 Hz panel fans range from 385 CFM to 14,540 CFM
  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. for 60 Hz panel fans range from 1,400 CFM to 13,600 CFM

Multifan Galvanized cone fans

Multifan Galvanized Cone Fan 130

Vostermans Ventilation Inc offers a galvanised cone fan,also known as the Multifan 130 with cone. The cone fan has a diameter of 50" and are applied in areas which require higher air volumes. With the cone fan it is possible to create more fresh air around the animals in pork- or poultry houses.

  • Available in a diameter of 50"
  • Air volumes at 0 S.P. 27,940 CFM (3-blades) and 25,055 CFM (5 blades)
  • Controllable with frequency controller

Multifan Galvanized Cone Fan 140

With the introduction of the new Galvanized Cone Fan 140, Vostermans Ventilation meets the demand for larger and more efficient exhaust fans. Three different versions are available to fit every application: High Pressure, High Volume and High Efficient. The cone consists of 4 sheet metal parts and protects the moving air stream from disturbances, resulting in more air to pass through the fan. Effective and efficient ventilation is guaranteed. The fans are highly rated worldwide because of its durability, efficiency and reliability.